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In this page some information for use Stylesquare


The central box in home page and box in top of all pages allow to search data inside Stylesquare's database. Try to write a word, tag, keywords and press "Search" key for run.


The entity is a record, for example a product, a company, a designer was define inside in Stylesquare as entity.

One entity contain the follow elements:

  • Name
  • Pictures
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Links to: Products, Objects, Projects etc..
  • Links to: Designer, Company and groups
  • Links to web sites


In Stylesquare everyone can vote, if you want vote a tag, a name, a link or some other click "" place after word to vote.

You cav vote YES or NO, after you vote is possibile change idea, erase vote or change it.

When you press arrow vote's window are showed.

First time you vote Stylesquare ask you to login, if you have a OpenID you can login with it, if you don't have it is possible press cancel or follow istruction for make a your OpenID account.

Vote will be registed.

If you change idee can erase vote or change it, for do it press arrow.


Stylesquare has choose OpenID for authentication method, with OpenID we don't need record passwords and users can choose any OpenID provider or use a own OpenID account already exist.

Do login

For do a login you need click link "Login" in top-right side, if you have a OpenID account write it and press Login.
If you don't have it and you want make a new one press "Click here to sign up with..", with this link you'll go to provider's site where is possibile create a new account for free.

Login window. If you don't have a OpenID account press: "Click here to sign up..."

This is a Stylesquare's page in MyOpenID, with this page you can create your OpenID account. Choose your username, insert other required information and press "Sign Up"

After you have create the account you'll return When the account was created you'll return to Stylesquare's login page.

Press "Allow.." for login and return to Stylesquare

Login successful

Add Tags and other elements

In Stylesquare you can vote with "" and you can add Tags, Links, Pictures, Nomi, relation between entity etc..

Depend of type of element to add, for:

  • Nome
  • Tag
  • Link
It is possibile press the link [Add...] near field.

For add Tag press [Add Tag] write the tag and press button.

For insert a relation is more complicate. For do it you need Search entity to do a relation write relation tag and press add. To find a entity related press (Search...) and search, click entity pictures you choose and write relation tag, after this press "Add".

For do a relation between two entity, find with (Search...) write a relation tag and press "Add..."

It is possibile add a description to a entity, for this step is need do a login.

When loged in it's possibile add and modify entity's description, for do it click description or link.

If thereis a soruce you can insert it in the specific field.

Create a new Entity

If you don't find a Designer, a Product or a Company in Stylesquare database you can ask to insert it, for do it you need login and press "..add a new entity..." show when there is zero results in search page

Entity form

When all required fields are filled you can press "Send" and "Confirm", you'll redirect to created page.


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