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Stylesquare is a square for the informations about design and style, by Stylesquare it's possible search and find the Products, Company, Designer and object, products connected with Design and Style

The original idea was born with the advices and opinions received about Styled IN ITALY since 2006. Stylesquare has a new interface, new database system and new logic interaction.

The system is simple to use, to find, to public and to mark our own opinion about the Design world. I took inspiration from a popular US's startup and I try to fit idea to own need for draw attention betwen designers, products, company and relation.

All of the works until now is much, but it's not certainly much respect the work we'll need to do in the next months for develop Stylesquare near to the original idea.


The informations used for start Stylesquare was collect in Styled IN ITALY in last years, it is a good start point and it will increase with muscope crawler in automatic way, with my and colleagues efforts, bat above all, I hope, with help of design's fan, designers and design's company.


Stylesquare born in japanese, it was translate in italian and in english, bat for the future i'll see far.


For now I'm alone, with some technical help from Br1.


c/o Kitaly
P.le Lugano 31

P.I: 05275250966


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