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There is a certain magic to the story of how our company started. Karin travelled to Egypt 13 years ago to look for interesting items for her new home accessories company, Zenza.
She came back not only with a handbag full of samples, but also madly in love with Hussein! Soon business steadily grew - as well as their family. And they still live and work together passionately.

Zenza became especially famous with its beautiful lamp collection and garnered the attention of designers and stylists worldwide. Nowadays there is great appreciation for the handcraftsmanship that is so characteristic of our collection.
Handmade products have a “soul” which gives them an extra value and beauty. We often combine ancient techniques with a modern twist in our design and develop a very elegant, intimate but nevertheless modern atmosphere with our collection.

We are very grateful to the people on our team who help us create more wonderful products every year. Because the products come from developing countries, we value fair prices for the people who put such a lot of effort into manufacturing. The name "Zenza" has no literal meaning, but it sparks associations with words we like, such as: Sense, Sensual, Sensational.

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