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Within4Walls was founded in 2004 by Claudia Langstone-Nijman (1958, the Netherlands) who has lived in the UK since 1989 and has backgrounds in Graphic and Interior Design as well as in Gold and Silversmithing.
The company forms a portal for her life-long passion for interiors and deep admiration for those designers and makers who defy mass production and who instead continue their quest to create unique and beautiful products:

"This heritage of great design talent and uncompromising craftsmanship deserves our unfailing support because it gives us items of lasting value which we can own with pride for many years to come.
Look that much further and spend that bit extra - you gain so much more pleasure from owning something soulfully designed and impeccably made as opposed to futile trend and mass production. Just have a look at the products in our collection; they speak for the hearts of all the talented, committed and hard working people who designed and created them."

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