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Established in 1998, the firm Leatherline Divani joins the strength of a long artisan tradition and the best of technological innovation: its young and dynamic business-management avails itself of the co-operation of skilled craftsmen and skilful professionals, both provided with a thirty-year-old experience in the field of the upholstered leather furniture.
Leatherline Divani imposes itself on the extremely competitive market of the sofas, thanks to its innovative philosophy: to make the dream become a line and a modern design, taking the Made in Italy inside the houses of over all the world.
An important distinctive means is represented by the Customer Satisfaction: the field Research & Development does surveys on the customers habits, in order to target the product's offer also on the base of geograrphical criteria.
A company to the service of its customers, that has done of the customers satisfaction its mission: this is Leatherline Divani.

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