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From the team who bought you the award winning Spoon urinal, a brand new concept in urinals will be unveiled at 100% Design. A play on words, gloo quite literally means glowing loo.

Bored by the existing options available, Philip Watts Design decided to once again throw their magic dust into the men’s toilets. Available in a full spectrum of colours, the gloo also lights up a once dull washroom, with cool fibre optics installed, it quite literally “gloos” in the dark!

Characteristic of Philip Watts Design, fun and humour once again transform a relatively innate object into a talking point. Philip Watts commented “when designing new products we constantly strive to make people smile, be it with bemusement or happiness, it’s all about making something unexpected out of something normal.”

Tech Stuff: rotationally moulded plastic
Colours available: 10 standard colours + 2 off whites

Source: 100percentdesign.Co

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