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Elanbach is driven by the talent and vision of our creative team, rather than by corporate directives or focus groups. Each of our core designers has a style and aesthetic that is personal to them - this means Elanbach is not restricted by one signature look - we offer designs to fit every home, from comfortable country houses to contemporary city apartments.

New collections are launched every season, but unlike conventional fabric houses we never discontinue a design. We can even print in a colourway of your own creation.

At Elanbach, we often find inspiration for collections in historical documents and textiles, whether antique or vintage. Our designers recreate and recolour the decorative detail from old artwork and textiles in designs to suit contemporary homes.

Finally, we are a local company offering our customers a very tailored service. India and China are now the recognised markets for high volume printing, but digital printing is best suited to lower print runs so can be operated profitably from the UK. That means we will always stay true to our Welsh roots and continue to provide the traditional and individual service that is at the heart of our rural community.

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